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August 18, 2017

This isn’t my first time at blogging or my first blog. I am currently the runner of a blog that is actually doing really well, however, due to the nature of that blog the kind of stuff I will be posting here, doesn’t really fit in with my niche if you like.
I believe that recently I have been transitioning into my spiritual awakening. So many things have been happening, I’ve been feeling so many emotions over the last few weeks, I have had a massive turn to everything spiritual, I am almost magnetized to it.  I always have been but more so now than ever before.
I’m remembering parts of my childhood that I had blocked out that was to do with spirits and spiritual experiences, because at the time in my life when I was experiencing them I wasn’t mentally strong enough to be able to deal with them, whereas now I believe I am as mentally strong as I have ever been.
My whole life has been changing in the sense of my approach to it and the way in which I see things in the world and how I am letting events and the world affect me personally. It’s a journey I honestly never expected to be on, I woke up one morning with a strong desire to learn and focus on who I am and honestly, I feel more like myself now than I ever have before and this is only the beginning.
I want to be able to be completely open to this experience I am currently embarking on and by starting a new blog it enables me to have a fresh mind and also, friends and family won’t know it and there for I won’t feel judged as to what I post.
There will be successes and fails along the way and I plan to document every part of it as I am a baby psychic right now. I have just been born and I am finding my wings.
I am very interested in reading your spiritual blogs, so please, if you have one post it below so I can give you a follow and a read.
Sending love and blessings to all,

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