◈ Story Time; Connecting With My Spirit Guide

August 20, 2017

Good Morning Everybody.

I thought that today I would share with you something that only happened a few days ago but first I would like to add in a few background details that I think may be relevant to the story.

So for a couple of months, strange things have been happening around the house and it's always had an element of it that was to do with me. Most of the things happened whilst I was in the bath, things would just fall off the windowsill without a breeze or a shove and it was always whilst I was in the bathroom. Now, bath time for me is the time when I am most relaxed. It's my clear thinking time.

Anyway, asides from that, lights have been acting strange, coming on and off and flickering at very inappropriate times. e.g 4 am and Electricals turning off when we have been using them.

I've been waking up at 4-5am for the past couple of weeks every morning, wide awake with so many questions in my head that I want to find out the answers to this was until I finally took the plunge and did something that would usually be described as completely out of my comfort zone.

None of the above events made me feel uncomfortable, anxious or even felt weird happening. I sensed something might be there but wasn't entirely sure what.

So if you'd read my 'Firstly, hello' post you'll already know that I have been feeling very connected with my spiritual side recently and do believe I am going through some kind of spiritual awakening. I have been practicing a lot of tarot and past tarots I have done for people have come out quite accurate considering I had no experience. I used to watch my mum do tarots occasionally that's about all the knowledge I have so far. I have been reading a lot of books through the Kindle app on my iPad. I will make a note of them below.

Friday morning I woke up, feeling motivated to do a tarot reading again on my past life, however, as I was about to do this, I saw my Opalite pendant across the way from me and I picked it up. I held it as still as possible, at this point there was a tiny bit of movement from my shaky hands but nothing like what was about to happen.

I felt slightly strange because what I was about to do was so not like me and I had never done it before and asides all that, I was expectant of being embarrassed with myself for even trying what it was I was about to do.

*OK get to the point, what happened?!*

I spoke out. I asked if there was anyone or anything in my house and if there was that they should move the pendant. The pendant moved.

Still not convinced I asked a few more questions.

- Are you a relative? Move the pendant for yes, stop the pendant for no. The pendant stopped. 
- Are you a relative of my partner? Move the pendant for yes, stop the pendant for no. The pendant stopped. 
- Are you my spirit guide? Move the pendant for yes, stop the pendant for no. The pendant started to move.

By this time I was in awe at what was happening. I was starting to believe I was actually communicating with something because when I was asking if who I was speaking to was a relative I was hoping the pendant would say yes.  I went on to ask some more questions.

- Are you male or female? Move the pendant for male, stop the pendant for female. The pendant stopped. 
-Will things ever be fixed with my dad? Move the pendant for yes, stop the pendant for no. The pendant sadly stopped.
- Am I better off without my dad? Move the pendant for yes, stop the pendant for no. The pendant started to move.

By this time I was convinced I was talking to my spirit guide. I asked another question that I knew the answer to so I could see if I would get the correct answer and I did.  Throughout the communication, I was calling my pendant something that it wasn't. So I asked my spirit guide whether or not what I was calling it was the correct name and obviously again, move the pendant for yes, stop the pendant for no and the pendant stopped.

Now, being a semi skeptic; I was sure nothing was going to happen during this and that I was basically living in la la land. However, when things did start to happen I didn't feel shocked that they were. I felt completely comfortable. I feel like the fact that I got answers I didn't hope for to a couple of the questions I asked makes this much more believable and if the pendant hadn't completely stopped each time I asked the spirit to stop it for no, then I wouldn't have believed it but due to my shaky hands, there was no way I could have completely stopped that pendant myself so something or someone else had to be doing it.

Afterwards I felt a rush of warm energy through my body and that was the end of that experience.

Since then, I have been sleeping right through the night, no more weird things have been happening and honestly, if it was my spirit guide with me in the bathroom everytime I had a bath, I am so glad that it is a female.

Stay happy,

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