What's In My Camera Bag - Weekend In The Mountains.

February 08, 2018

As you are aware we are going to Cumbria for the weekend and for you photo lovers I have decided to write this post just for you because as a photographer myself I know just how nosey I am when it comes to wanting to know what kit photographers take with them on their photographic trips.

I am wanting to travel quite light so my kit bag is relatively small and honestly, my kit is very minimal.

My Kit Bag:
- Canon 6d
- 50mm 1.4
-80mm 1.4
- Tripod
- Battery charger
- Spare battery
- Nikon Coolpix

My little Nikon is wonderful for the point and shoots shots, and honestly, the quality is so good and due to not having a wide lens at the moment this will make for the perfect little fill in.

I can't yet tell you what I'm planning to take photograph-wise, but I and Stewart have just packed our fave equipment and are going to see where the weekend takes us.


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