My Home Photographic Studio

April 15, 2018

If you, like me are trying to become a professional photographer on a budget you will know just how hard it is when it comes to the location in which you take your images, more specifically, where your studio is based.

I have a portable studio, it comes in handy sometimes but personally, I prefer working in a studio set up that is more permanent, however, I don't have the money to be renting accommodation for my studio as of yet, I do however currently live in a three bedroomed bungalow, with no children. One of the bedrooms, the smallest one, I've dedicated to a bedroom for my bunny rabbits, one is obviously my bedroom and then I have one spare that I am constantly changing what I use it for.

It's been a home studio before, a spare room, a gym, previous bunny room, but I decided to make use of the wonderfully large room and make it back to a home studio and let me tell you now, it has made my life so much easier when it comes to doing my coursework.

Due to the style of the images, I create I need a lot of props and garments to have my models wear, so my creative skills actually need a lot of room to be able to soar and this room has become my little haven for just that and I have never felt more motivated to work, even if I do need to seriously work on getting a few more props because what I do have certainly is not enough.

What do you think of my home studio? - Do you have one in your home?? Show me!!!

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