Best Of May

May 31, 2018

Finally, the end of may is here. I've been waiting for the end of this month all year. It's been a hectic month. I handed in my final ever college assignments and saw the back of that place for good. Since leaving it's been hard adjusting to my new reality of setting up my own business and getting shit done.

There's also been a lot of family time spent this month. Mum turned 40 and my sister, Nicola turned 15. We've been to the beach and sundown adventure land (you can read that post here). We've been blessed with the most beautiful weather this month as well so we wanted to make the most of it well and truly.

I also got yet another bunny rabbit. Mac, was adopted and is the happiest bunny in the world. Having spent just under two weeks with him I've come to the conclusion that he is in fact me in rabbit form.  We share quite a few personality quirks.

I've been working hard this month on all of my online ventures, and it's finally starting to pick up. It's been strange adjusting to a new reality, but it's starting to feel really, really good.

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