Wednesday Wisdom | Blessing In Disguise

June 13, 2018

Whilst shuffling my angel cards I continuously ask "what do I need to know today?" hoping for some guidance on my day ahead. I lay the cards down in a line and hover my hand over them, moving back and forth until I am drawn to one particular card that tells me what I need to know.


Sometimes it's hard to know exactly what a blessing in disguise is right off the bat and you don't see it as a blessing at all until some time has passed and you're able to step back and look at the situation differently. A problem you're experiencing can later in life be a blessing in disguise and you'll understand that much more when the time is right. 

To put a little bit of context to the statement, say you've just been dumped, right now you see it as the end of the world and nothing is going to make you feel any better etc, etc? 

Well in a few months time, when you're healing from your unfortunate breakup you'll soon realize it was a fortunate thing to happen as you're open to much more possibilities now than you were before. If a relationship doesn't work, then you're clearly not meant to be together and you're one step closer to finding your ''one'' and the same applies when it comes to jobs, careers or maybe even cars.

Love Always x

Cards I'm currently using: Doreen Virtue - Daily Guidance from your angles oracle cards

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